Are you ready to hear about the exciting world of MICE? it's all about bringing people together to network, learn, and have a great time!

And the best part? You get to travel to all kinds of cool destinations around the world, from sunny beaches to bustling cities. So pack your bags, grab your business cards, and get ready to MICE it up!

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What is MICE?

Welcome! Have you heard of MICE? The word MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. And let us tell you, this industry is on fire!

With businesses constantly seeking new opportunities to bring professionals together, foster connections, promote new ideas, and drive growth, it’s no surprise that the “meetings industry” and “events industry” have become buzz words in recent years.

And the best part? Every industry has some kind of event, making MICE a massive component of global business travel. The industry isn’t just limited to business events anymore, as many organizers are now incorporating leisure elements to create a more memorable experience for attendees. So exciting!


Meetings are an essential aspect of the MICE industry, serving as a platform for individuals to come together and discuss important topics related to their industry. These events are usually held for a single day and can range from a small gathering to larger, more elaborate events such as annual meetings.

These events are typically structured and follow a specific agenda to ensure that all the important topics are covered and discussed in detail.

Meetings are usually held in hotel conference rooms or at convention centers, which offer the necessary facilities and resources to support these types of events. Catering is often kept simple, with a focus on providing basic refreshments and snacks to keep attendees fueled throughout the day. There is rarely an entertainment program, as the primary focus is on the content of the meeting.

In conclusion, meetings serve as an important tool for businesses to come together, exchange ideas, and make important decisions. Whether you’re a senior executive or an entry-level employee, participating in meetings is an opportunity to be part of the conversation.
MICE Events Venues Luxembourg European Convention Center Luxembourg
What is MICE? Here's an example of a conference room at The European Convention Center Luxembourg


Incentives are the absolute highlight of the MICE segment and bring all the excitement. These travel rewards offered by companies to individual staff, teams, or partners (e.g. affiliates) are the cherry on top of all the hard work.

The goal of incentives is to show gratitude for outstanding performance, raise morale, and enhance employee loyalty. A win-win situation.

The possibilities for incentives are endless! Some companies may opt for an all-inclusive weekend getaway to a serene resort, while others might choose to organize a variety of fun activities close to home to bring their team together and foster a relaxed and informal environment.

Incentives are not just a perk, they’re a way to recognize and reward the hard work and dedication of employees. They bring a breath of fresh air, energize the team, and are a surefire way to boost morale and keep employees motivated. So get ready for some serious fun with incentives!


Are you ready to network like never before? Conferences are the perfect opportunity to bring together individuals from various industries to share their experiences and expertise. These events can range from small groups of professionals to massive gatherings with thousands of attendees.

The primary purpose of conferences is to provide a platform for professionals to share their knowledge and ideas, discuss industry trends, and learn from one another. This often results in the creation of new business relationships and collaborations that can push the industry forward.

Conferences are usually held in hotel conference rooms or convention centres, with catering and refreshments provided to attendees. These events also provide opportunities for attendees to attend workshops, breakout sessions, and keynote speeches, making it an all-in-one event for industry professionals.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, conferences are the perfect platform to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange valuable insights, and learn from experts in your field. It’s a chance to get out of the office and engage with other industry professionals, opening doors for new business opportunities and professional growth. So gear up, get your business cards ready, and attend your next conference with enthusiasm!
An example of What is MICE: A team building activity at the Women Deliver Conference


Exhibitions (or Trade Shows) are one of the most significant events in the MICE industry, attracting thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. These events can last anywhere from several days to a week, making them an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to connect, learn, and showcase their products.

Exhibitions are typically industry-specific, meaning that they focus on a particular industry or a specific category of products or services. This helps ensure that the event attracts a well-defined target market that is interested in what the exhibitors have to offer.

For exhibitors, trade shows provide a platform to showcase their products and services, meet potential clients, and liaise with existing partners. Exhibitors come to trade shows to create brand awareness and generate leads, ultimately driving business growth. They use the exhibition as a way to create a buzz around their product and make it known to the right people.

For industry professionals, trade shows present an opportunity to network with peers, find new clients or job opportunities, and discover new ways to solve problems. They attend these events to learn about industry trends, discuss new products and services, and hear from thought leaders in their respective fields.

Overall, exhibitions are a valuable event in the MICE industry, as they bring together industry professionals, exhibitors, and visitors to connect, learn, and create new opportunities. Whether you’re an exhibitor looking to showcase your products or an industry professional looking to network, trade shows are an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and create lasting business relationships.

What is MICE Tourism?

MICE tourism is a specific type of tourism that focuses on organizing and promoting corporate events, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions.

MICE tourism is often used for business travel, where large groups of people are brought together to network, share knowledge and ideas, and engage in professional development. The events are often centered on a theme or topic and are aimed at professional, academic, trade, or other special interest groups.

In addition to the professional benefits, MICE tourism can also offer leisure and entertainment activities to attendees. Incentive tourism, for example, is a type of MICE tourism that is typically undertaken as a type of employee reward for a job well done, and usually includes activities such as sightseeing or other leisure activities.

MICE tourism is an important segment of the tourism industry, with a significant economic impact on local and global economies.

The following numbers show that the MICE tourism industry is a significant contributor to the global economy, generating billions of dollars in business sales and supporting jobs across various industries:

  • According to the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the global exhibition industry generates over $325 billion in business sales annually.
  • The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) reported that there were more than 12,000 regularly occurring association meetings globally
  • A report by Allied Market Research estimated that the global MICE industry would reach a value of $1,439 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2018 to 2025.
  • The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reported that MICE tourism accounted for 12.5% of global tourism GDP in 2019.
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