10 reasons why to come to Slovakia

Slovakia is the country where you have never been before. The people are warm and welcoming. The countryside is brimming with unspoiled natural beauty. The cities and its heritage are uniques. Welcome to the unkwonledge Slovakia.
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Great location and easy to reach

Slovakia is the unique country located in the middle of Europe. Good travel connection by air, train, road and boat.

Scenery - unspoiled nature and beautiful landscape

Slovakia has 9 national parks, 14 protected landscape areas and more than 40% forested territory, 12 underground caves open to the public with magnificent ice or stalactite formations (remarkable Ochtinská aragonite cave, one of three such caves worldwide).

Bratislava – the city of past and present

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia and became one of the fastest growing new congress and conference cities in Europe in the last few years. Bratislava has an excellent location – close to the borders of Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Very good access from two international airports – the Bratislava airport (15 minutes drive) and the Vienna airport (35 minutes drive along the motorway).

The vibrant Slovak capital boasts a long and proud history, embodied in its striking hilltop castle and its painstakingly restored Old Town. The city’s Central European charm, lively but laid-back atmosphere, compact size and its dozens of outdoor cafés and restaurants make it an ideal destination for inspiring getaways. The city lies on the River Danube, which plays a big part in its character, and is also famous for its excellent food and wine. Bratislava is one of the centers of Slovakia’s intellectual life, and home to several universities and research centers. It is also the hub of the country’s economy, which has recently benefited from the growth of the local car industry: car production in Slovakia is now among the highest, per capita, of all European countries.

Bratislava is a compact and safe city, making it extraordinarily “user friendly”. 

Cities & Towns

Rich history and historical heritage from all periods. The historical cities and towns are spread all over Slovakia. Many of them have precious historical centres, 18 towns are listed as urban monument reserves. Cities like  Košice, Levoča, Žilina or Banská Bystrica are clear examples of valuable Slovak heritage.

History, Culture & Heritage

5 cultural and 2 natural sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List, 1 artefact of intangible cultural heritage – fujara (a traditional musical instrument), 180 castles and 559 chateaux and manor houses, 10 open-air museums of popular architecture, 45 little wooden churches of 3 types (Gothic, Evangelical and of the East Christian rite), some of them were built without using a single nail), numerous museums, galleries, technical relics.

Thermal water & spas

More than 1 400 mineral and thermal springs, many with healing properties and 22 spa resorts with complete medical care offering treatments based on mineral and thermal waters. Climatic spas in High Tatra mountains.

Active holiday

Slovakia has excellent conditions for spending active holidays in summer and in winter e.g. more than 40 well-equipped ski resorts with 7 five-star ski resorts, 12 golf resorts, marked cycling tracks, mountains suitable for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, river and lakes suitable for water sports.

Gastronomy traditions and folklore

Tasty traditional gastronomy and excellent wines. Slovak cuisine represents a flavorful mixture of influences from neighboring Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. “Bryndza” stands for a traditional Slovak speciality made of sheep cheese. Within the European Union it can be produced only in Slovakia and it is distributed under the name “Slovenská bryndza”. 

Also, the tradition of winemaking in Slovakia dates back to Roman times so is part of its heritage, and charming wine towns dot the countryside near Bratislava. Now slovak winemakers score very well at international wine competitions.

Distinctive living folklore and traditions differing according regions. Folk art and old crafts.

Busy cultural and social life

Not limited to the capital city, you can get pampered at the Slovak spas. You can feel unforgettable adrenaline buzz in the mountains both in winter and summer. Marvel at the natural and cultural UNESCO world heritage sites; savour every mouthful of the countryside. Enjoy museums, galleries and theaters in awesome cities.

Or maybe you prefer to test your driving skills on a special off-road course in the Volkswagen´s plant in Bratislava, have a thrilling experience driving a speedboat on the Danube, or learn more about the world of wine through a wine-themed program.

As you can see Slovak has endless offers for you, just enjoy it!

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