MICE Ukraine: New conference venues in Lviv

Lviv is one of the most attractive tourist centers in Ukraine. A city full of color, monuments, architecture and life, ideal for organizing a MICE event and enjoying its streets, people and culture.
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The Lviv Convention Bureau, created to promote conference opportunities and support companies and associations in holding conference and corporate events in Lviv, has made an interesting announcement regarding new conference venues in Lviv, which will soon open their doors to visitors.

Why Lviv

When someone wants to organize an event in a city they don’t know, they usually ask about transport, infrastructure, locations, conditions and other related aspects such as culture, food or even the weather.


Walk and enjoy the Lviv city streets, go in and out of the shops and cafes, observe the people around you. And if you do, you will be saying, “I am so glad this meeting is in Lviv.”


Energy is palpable in Lviv, especially during warmer months when everyone takes to the streets. Lviv’s vibrant population of 722,000 people is young and seen everywhere in bustling outdoor cafes and beer gardens, with a flourish of colourful flowers and a mix of European cuisine.


Convinced? Listed below are the names of the new conference venues in Lviv.

Key Points

  • New city transport infraestructure.
  • 144 hotels (+4000 rooms).
  • 74 conference venues.
  • +1500 restaurants & cafes.

Are you searching for a less discovered towns, away from tourists and high prices? 

Then, Lviv.

Lviv have a new city transport infrastructure (airport, railway station and roads) and a modern and interactive locations that creates comfortable conditions for conference events.

Jam Factory Art Center

Jam Factory Art Center® is dedicated to establishing a contemporary art center in a former industrial building. The exhibition space will have movable walls. The block for theatrical and musical performances included rehearsal halls and fully equipped dressing rooms, storage rooms for equipment and scenography elements. The vision of the art center is to form a platform for international professional cooperation, creation of contemporary art and culture, innovative and interdisciplinary artistic and educational programs.

LEM Station

Lem Station is a social hub of creativity and innovation on the territory of the former tram depot. The three one-story brick buildings, one of which is topped by a 30-meter chimney, became the embodiment of technical progress in Lviv at the end of the 19th century.

LEM Station will help to create opportunities for local businesses, artists, entrepreneurs and other representatives of creative industries to realize their creative potential, make new acquaintances and implement their ideas. Infrastructure includes an area for events, coworking, food court, outdoor terraces, workshops, amphitheater and more., and many events are currently taking place on the territory, including conferences, summits and festivals.

Lviv Tech City

LvivTech.City is an innovation park on the territory of the former industrial zone.More than 42,000 square meters of Class A office space, coworking spaces, science laboratories have been built on the territory of the former industrial zone.

Modern conference center, equipped according to European standards: up to 390 participants in ABC halls and in the banquet temporary awning, which can be installed on the west side of the building for exhibitions and banquets.


Leoland is a sports and entertainment complex for holding mass events: sports competitions, business conferences, celebrations. The location has a stylish interior, flexible placement of furniture to accompany any format. And also equipped with modern lighting and sound technology. Concierge service and food hall will help the organizers of any event to focus on the program and not worry about organizing the space of the event.

Emily Resort

Emily Resort is a modern five-star hotel complex with 166 comfortable rooms with a unique SPA center and a modern conference room up to 200 guests and an event hall of 1500 m2.

Hotel has a quality European service, cozy interior and incredible panoramic views of the lake and natural landscape. The complex has a state-of-the-art event hall for up to 200 guests. There is a multifunctional hall on the territory, which has the standards of the world event industry.

Event hall has a stage where world artists will be able to perform, enough make-up rooms, professional light and sound, all possible accommodation options, as well as a bar, catering, interactive video wall in the hall and large panoramic windows with total dimming.

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