5 things to do in Rwanda

If you are searching some things to do in Rwanda, this is your article. This is our selection of places or activities that you should not miss if you visit this wonderful country. Welcome to the Remarkable Rwanda.

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Kigali city

Founded in 1907 as a small administrative outpost with limited linkage to the outside world, it has today grown into a modern metropolis – the heart of the emerging Rwandan economy and the safest and cleanest capital city in the continent of Africa.

Rwanda’s primary entry point is through its vibrant capital city, Kigali. The gateway to the land of a thousand hills, as you descend onto the runway you will be taken by the splendid scenery. Before heading for your wonderful travel adventures you will not be able to resist a tour of this dynamic capital city, swayed by the lush greenery, colorful streets and the impressive landscape.

Rwanda’s fine and colorful paintings, beautiful traditional baskets, clothes, bags and shoes tailored with traditional “KITENGE” fabric, can serve as an unusual and affordable souvenir. You can also find striking jewellery: necklaces and earrings made from simple but remarkably elegant materials. Pottery and wooden carvings are a common traditional handcraft in Rwanda, renowned for their unique style of creation.

A haven for all things arts and culture, a stroll through the downtown core is a must for scoring exclusive artifacts and brilliant souvenirs. Rwandan culture translates itself through unique handcrafted objects and decorative pieces made of carved wood and clay.

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe has an impressive selection of activities on offer including the only canopy walk in East Africa (reaching 70m above the forest floor and spanning 200 m in length), chimpanzee trekking, tea plantations, hiking and biking through the beautiful nature trails and bird watching.


The Nyungwe National Park lies within the Albertine Rift Eco-region acclaimed for its biodiversity and for being one of the endemic species-rich areas in all of Africa. It is one of Africa’s most important conservation sites. The park covers 1020 km2 and within this area, boasts a diverse ecosystem from rainforest, bamboo, grassland, swamps, and bog habitats. Bird lovers will rejoice as they encounter the 300 species.


Located south of lake Kivu on the southwestern slopes of the highland region that forms the great divide between the Congo and Nile drainage systems. Mount Bigugu is the highest mountain in the park, reaching an altitude of 2 950m, and said to be the most source of the Nile. There are more than 240 tree species, 140 orchids and 1,068 plant types, such as the giant Lobelia. Of these plants, 250 are Albertine Rift Endemics. Nyungwe National Park habituated chimpanzees, 12 other primate species including the habituated Ruwenzori Black and White Colobus and 75 different species of mammals. 

Akagera National Park

Founded in 1934, Akagera National Park covers 1 120km2. Akagera is home to large herds of buffaloes, zebras, giraffes and several antelope species, as well as predators such as leopard and hyena and a bird list nearing 500 species. Elephants often congregate around the lakes that are inhabited by hippos and Nile crocodiles. Both lions and rhinos have been reintroduced to the park in recent years restoring the park’s ‘Big Five’ status and adding to the park’s inspiring conservation story.


Rolling grassland hills with expansive views over east Africa’s largest protected wetland, areas of open grassland interspersed with scattered trees and scrub thicket, lush riverine vegetation on the fringes of the park’s many lakes all contribute to Akagera’s diverse and scenic savannah landscape. Akagera National Park in the East of Rwanda is the largest national park in the country and provides a stark contrast to the misty montane forests of Volcanoes National Park and the abundant subtropical forests of Nyungwe National Park. Explore Akagera on game drive by day, take a sunset boat trip drifting along the lake’s edge, or take a night drive under a blanket of stars. Don’t miss an overnight stay to experience the perfect combination of cosy comfort at Ruzizi Tented Lodge and rustic charm of Karenge Bush Camp.

Lake Kivu

Rubavu, hosts a waterfront access to the shores of the majestic Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s greatest bodies of water.


The regal Lake Kivu spreads over the western coast curving along the southern part of Rwanda, providing a calm and relaxing place to gaze into the daily sunset. The most remarkable locations in Rwanda where you’ll take part in this breathtaking exercise are found in the resort towns of Rubavu and Karongi. At only an hour away from Volcanoes National Park, Rubavu offers both attractive mountain scenery and sandy beaches where you will get acquainted with the body of water by kayak or a guided boat tour. 


From the serene countryside valleys of Karongi, you will witness the radiant charm of Lake Kivu. Crystal clear water rocky beaches and discovery tours of the islands are all part of this wonderful package.

Akagera Aviation

Akagera Aviation is the sole helicopter Charter Company in Rwanda. Akagera Aviation’s fleet comprises of 9 helicopters (VIP Agusta 139 , Agusta 109 , Agusta 119 and 5 Robinson R44s) which can access any point in the country and neighboring countries. It is an exclusive mode of transport, offering leisure and business travelers’ speedy access to landmarks countrywide, while showcasing the most spectacular aerial view of the Land of a Thousand Hills. 


As an Industry leader in the East African region, Akagera Aviation is equipped with a portfolio of technical and customized services for both tourists and industry players. Akagera Aviation services rank as the most valuable offering for international guests to Rwanda.


So if you’re visiting Rwanda on a tight schedule, they offer a range of tailor made packages to suit your needs. Wherever your destination is, they will fly you there in the comfort of their VVIP Agusta 139(5seats), Agusta 109 (6seats) and their 3seat helicopter Robinson R44.


More info: http://www.akageraaviation.com

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